Jeremy Eberle
PhD chemist, Blog Author

Jeremy started homebrewing in 2013 while in graduate school. He's a proponent of the KISS method--Keep It Stupid Simple. Homebrewing is a hobby and as a result, it should be fun! Homebrewing doesn't have to be unnecessarily complicated.

He has a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and has worked as an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry since 2018. He is married to his wife, Madeline (also a PhD!), and they have a son and a dog.

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How to Brew: Doppelbock (Sponsor a Brew Edition)
DoppelbockWhat is Doppelbock? According to the BJCP guidelines (2021), it is “a strong, rich,...
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Munich Helles
Munich Helles Made with L28 Urkel
What is a Munich Helles?Helles is the German word for “bright” or “pale” and...
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Switching Hosts: an Update
Not homebrew related, but just a quick update.We recently switched website hosting providers. And...
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Diacetyl Test
How To: Diacetyl Test
What is a Diacetyl TestCompounds known as vicinal diketones, or VDKs, are aromatic compounds that...
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Fermentation Profile Graph
How To: Forced Fermentation Test
What is Forced Fermentation?How do you know when fermentation is complete?One way is to measure...
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Lager Fermentation Profiles
Quick Lager Fermentation Calculator
I built a lager fermentation calculator following a modified Narziss fermentation profile. See How To:...
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