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How to Brew: Doppelbock (Sponsor a Brew Edition)
DoppelbockWhat is Doppelbock? According to the BJCP guidelines (2021), it is “a strong, rich, and very malty German lager that can have both pale and dark variants. The darker versions have more...
Munich Helles
Munich Helles Made with L28 Urkel
What is a Munich Helles?Helles is the German word for “bright” or “pale” and Munich Helles is just that: a light, mild, drinkable beer that is golden straw in color with rounded...
Switching Hosts: an Update
Not homebrew related, but just a quick update.We recently switched website hosting providers. And even with daily backups, some of our posts and comments disappeared on both the front end and back end...
Diacetyl Test
How To: Diacetyl Test
What is a Diacetyl TestCompounds known as vicinal diketones, or VDKs, are aromatic compounds that are byproducts of fermentation. The most well-known VDK is diacetyl, which presents a characteristic...
Fermentation Profile Graph
How To: Forced Fermentation Test
What is Forced Fermentation?How do you know when fermentation is complete?One way is to measure the specific gravity, SG, several days in a row to see if there is a change. If the gravity reading...
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