Switching Hosts: an Update

Not homebrew related, but just a quick update.

We recently switched website hosting providers. And even with daily backups, some of our posts and comments disappeared on both the front end and back end during the switch. Restoring from backup did not solve the issues, or at least yet.

Nothing major, but still a bummer.


I wanted to shout out to Mark, who gave excellent feedback on the Quick Lager Fermentation Calculator. Unfortunately, our discussion disappeared during the provider switch, but I’m hopeful you and others will continue to find the calculator useful!

I’ve added a shortcut to the Quick Lager Fermentation Calculator in the menu bar.

What’s Brewing Next?

I’ve been working on some YouTube content to supplement this website. There have been some quick videos about performing a forced fermentation test, a diacetyl test, and highlighting the use of the quick lager calculator.

Up next are some condensed grain-to-glass videos for some lagers I made recently. Stay tuned.

As always, cheers!

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